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High Performance CoatingsProviding tangible, and measurable, Business Leverage. 


High Performance


for all Markets

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Heavy-Duty Industrial and Commercial Floors and Roofs

  • EE01 can be applied in floor areas that are continuously subjected to impacts, such as factories, workshops, loading and unloading areas, warehouses, shopping malls, etc. It can also be applied in places that require strict hygiene measures (asepsis) such as hospitals, food processing plants, laboratories, kitchens, among others.

  • Due to its hardness and resistance, EE01 does do not deteriorate, wear or corrode, even with constant rough use, and are easy to clean and disinfect. Also, thanks to its repellency, it does not stain when substances used in industry fall on it and is an excellent impermeabilizing coating for roofs.



Refinery & Construction 

  • EE01 can be applied with reduced impact on the cost of steel (or other substrate) and surface preparation and with no application delays. This would result in a significant “agreement platform” for both owners and contractors, keen to meet the current challenges.  

  • EE01 combines performance and tolerance in a unique way that it incorporates these emerging new rules by being cost effective without compromising on service life. This is attributed to its unique formulation of surface and humidity tolerance (allowing the use of hydroblasting as secondary surface preparation method instead of grit) and its high edge-retentive features (allowing savings associated with steel preparation - edge grinding) 

Ponte 25 de Abril

Bridges // Construction // Waste Water Treatment plants 


  • The emerging perception of customers of the value of high quality coatings for a long service life - including substrate / surface preparation and coating system / application) are providing the basis for the latest regulations on coating service life of up to 35 years. This allows our company to be among the companies that provide all these performance demands from the most diverse markets. ​

  • When integrating these guidelines with conventional paints, the outcome would result in higher cost for the asset owners alike. 


Oil & Gas

Offshore // Onshore // Reconversions // Maintenance


  • Euronavy Engineering's has a range of topcoats, tin-free antifouling's (including one designed for underwater application), special coatings (underwater application, temperature resistant, chemical resistant, phenolic epoxies), special primers (shop primers, primers for alloys), besides cutting-edge innovative solutions for extended performance on galvanized products.

  • Apart from its complementary portfolio, Euronavy Engineering’s wide experience with solvent-free epoxy formulations has enabled it to develop unique coatings and linings for the most demanding applications: these include special solvent-free coatings, resins and linings for heavy-duty protection of tank internals, water waste treatment plants, flooring and others.


About EE01 

Euronavy Coatings EE01:
Innovative, more reliable, longer lasting, solvent free epoxy-based anticorrosive protective coating

The changing needs in anticorrosive protection are increasing the outcome demanded from major worldwide players on the quality and durability of marine, offshore and industrial paints.

New performance concerns, environmental issues, cost reduction and safety matters are all creating new challenges in the market for high quality anticorrosive protective coatings.

Recognizing the significance of these advancements, Euronavy Engineering, S.A. has developed a world-class innovative epoxy technology by incorporating these trends on its coating systems.


That is how Euronavy Engineering’s EE01 was created.

Euronavy Engineering’s EE01
Main advantages over direct competition

  • Solvent free epoxy coating; 

  • 100% solids by volume (theoretical); 

  • Can be applied over wet or dry surfaces; 

  • No dew point restrictions (allowing application/works to be taken 24h/24h); 

  • Adherent oxides tolerant (flash rust WJ2M); 

  • High compatibility with existing coatings; 

  • No need to remove shop primer (EURONAVY ENGINEERING EP31), which reduces the surface preparation needs after cutting and welding; 

  • Higher adhesion to the surface; 

  • High edge retention (ERR > 70%); 

  • Fully compatible with all types of surface preparation methods; 

  • Can be used as a primer coating, intermediate coating, final coating...

Longer guarantee terms supported by first demand letter from a European bank!

Euronavy Engineering’s EE01: observing the specific needs of the clients


  • Lower maintenance required

  • Long service live (up to 35 years)

  • No surface profile required


  • Gather client’s requirements, issues to be addressed and expectations

  • Provide “tailored” solutions based on client’s needs and goals

  • Full support throughout the entire project

  • Our expertise, capabilities and know how allow us to support client’s challenges both before and after implementation of proposed solution


NOTE: Coating Systems, based on EURONAVY ENG EE01 Technology core strengths are complemented by a complete portfolio of products to suit the detailed and specific needs of each customer or project as well as for specific areas and applications.



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Can be applied as primer . Intermediate or finishing coat. Can be applied on ships, marine structures, offshore platforms and many other industrial applications (steel or concrete)



Specially designed to achieve a fast dry performance. Can be applied as primer. Intermediate or finishing coat. Can be applied on ships, marine structures, offshore platforms and many other industrial applications (steel or concrete)




Recommended of the repair of concrete and steel surfaces




May be applied over iron or steel in several marine applications




Can be applied in steel and concrete structures in contact with potable water




Can be used in several marine and industrial applications where high temperature resistance is required.



Can be used in several marine and industrial applications where high temperature resistance is required.



Used as a finish coat, usually as part of a epoxy protection scheme. Can be used on metalik structures in varios industrial applications


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